1 KG Silver Rabbit Coin 2023

1 KG Silver Rabbit Coin 2023

The 1kg Silver Lunar Series coin is a large and valuable coin that is part of a popular coin series known as the Lunar Series. The Lunar Series is based on the Chinese zodiac calendar, which follows a 12-year cycle with each year represented by a different animal.

The design of the 1kg Silver Lunar Series coin varies depending on the year it represents in the zodiac cycle. Each year, a different animal is featured on the coin, showcasing intricate and detailed artwork. The designs typically highlight the animal's characteristics and symbolism associated with the Chinese zodiac.

The coin is made of 99.9% pure silver, giving it a lustrous and brilliant appearance. It has a large diameter and is relatively thick due to its weight. The exact dimensions may vary slightly depending on the mint or series, but generally, it has a diameter of around 100-110 millimeters and a thickness of 10-15 millimeters.

The obverse side of the coin usually features an effigy of a prominent figure, such as a reigning monarch or a national symbol, depending on the issuing country. The reverse side showcases the specific animal of the zodiac year, along with intricate backgrounds, patterns, and inscriptions denoting the weight, purity, and face value of the coin.

Given its size and weight, the 1kg Silver Lunar Series coin is considered a collector's item and is often sought after by numismatists and investors. It offers a substantial investment value due to its precious metal content and limited mintage, making it a desirable addition to any collection or portfolio.

Please note that the specific design details and availability of the 1kg Silver Lunar Series coin may change over time, as new releases are made by different mints and series within the Lunar Series.

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