30g Gold Panda Coin 2023

30g Gold Panda Coin 2023

Material: Gold

Purity: 99.99%

Weight: 30 grams

Chinese Panda coins are known for their high quality and purity. The gold coins are typically made of .999 fine gold, which means that they contain 99.9% pure gold. This makes them a popular choice for investors and collectors alike. The design of the panda changes each year, which makes the coins a popular choice for collectors.

Obverse: The image of the panda is depicted in a natural setting, with bamboo shoots and leaves in the background. The panda is shown playing with another panda, and is depicted in a very realistic and detailed manner.

The reverse side of the coin features an image of the Temple of Heaven, a historic landmark located in Beijing, China. The Temple of Heaven was built in the early 15th century and was used by the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies to pray for a good harvest.

The image of the Temple of Heaven on the coin is very detailed and shows the distinctive circular shape of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. The design also includes inscriptions in Chinese characters that indicate the weight and purity of the gold coin, as well as the year of issue.

The 30g Gold Chinese Panda Coin typically includes several hallmarks or inscriptions on the coin. These hallmarks can vary depending on the year of issue. They typically include the following:

  1. Face value: The coin usually has a face value denominated in Chinese yuan.
  2. Weight and purity: The weight and purity of the gold used to mint the coin are typically inscribed on the reverse side of the coin.
  3. Mint mark: The mint mark of the Chinese Mint, which is responsible for producing the coin, is usually included on the coin.
  4. Year of issue: The year of issue is usually inscribed on the coin. Since the design of the coin changes each year, this is an important factor for collectors.
  5. Serial number: Some coins may include a serial number on the edge of the coin. This can be useful for collectors who want to track the origin and history of a particular coin.

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