Gold 1 Ducat Restrike Coin

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Gold 1 Ducat Restrike Coin

8.5 grams
98% purity gold
Diameter: 20mm

Certainly, Your Excellency. The Gold 1 Ducat restrike coin is another intriguing numismatic offering, often produced by the Austrian Mint as well. Like its 4 Ducat counterpart, the 1 Ducat restrike typically features the portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I on the obverse. The Emperor's likeness serves as a historical touchstone, representing the Austro-Hungarian Empire's influence and legacy.

On the reverse, you'll usually find the Coat of Arms for Austria, with the iconic double-headed eagle. This enduring symbol speaks to the grandeur and complexity of the empire during its heyday.

When it comes to composition, the 1 Ducat restrike is also quite pure, usually made of .986 fine gold. Its dimensions, however, are smaller than the 4 Ducat coin. This makes it more compact and easier to store or carry, albeit still thin relative to other gold coins you may encounter.

Given its size and weight, the 1 Ducat restrike coin is often considered a more accessible entry point for collectors and investors who might find the larger 4 Ducat coin less practical for their needs. Although its face value is nominal and largely symbolic, the gold content and historical relevance elevate its market value considerably.

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