Gold 4 Ducats Restrike coin

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Gold 4 Ducats Restrike coin

13.9 grams
98% purity gold
Diameter 40mm

The Gold 4 Ducat restrike coin is a fascinating piece of numismatic art. Originally issued by the Austrian Mint, the 4 Ducat coin is often re-struck for collectors and investors. These restrike coins typically feature historical designs but are minted in more modern times, hence the term "restrike."

One of the most common and renowned designs showcases the effigy of Emperor Franz Joseph I on the obverse. He ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1848 until his death in 1916. The reverse generally carries the Austrian Coat of Arms, featuring a double-headed eagle, a symbol of the empire's far-reaching influence and power.

The Gold 4 Ducat restrike coin is made from .986 fine gold, making it one of the purer gold coins available on the market. The coin is also remarkably thin due to its large diameter relative to its weight. This results in a distinctive, wafer-like appearance that makes it stand out from other gold bullion coins. It has a face value that's largely symbolic, as the market value of the gold content far surpasses the coin's nominal value.

These coins are popular among both collectors and investors for their historical significance, aesthetic qualities, and purity of gold. In my opinion, they serve as a compelling mix of history and value, making them a worthwhile consideration for anyone interested in 

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