Gold 5 Rubles Nicolas II ( Random Years )

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Gold 5 Rubles Nicolas II ( Random Years )

The 5 rouble coin of Tsar Nicholas II is a gold coin that was issued in Russia during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The coin features the image of Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, on the obverse side. His name and title, "Nicholas II Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia," are inscribed in Russian around the edge of the coin.

On the reverse side, the coin depicts the Russian imperial eagle, with its wings spread and a scepter and orb in its talons. The denomination of the coin, "5 Roubles," is also inscribed in Russian on the reverse side.

The coin was minted in .900 fine gold and has a weight of 4.3 grams, with a diameter of 18mm. The coin was produced at various mints throughout Russia, including St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Ekaterinburg.

Today, these coins are highly collectible and sought after by coin enthusiasts and historians alike, as they represent a fascinating piece of Russian history and numismatic artistry.

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